Cat Toy Pointer Light Laser Pen

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Is your cat hyperactive and/or full of energy? This quirky LED laser pen with a mouse light image will have your pet running up the walls, quite literally! 


These images are examples of what your cat could be getting up to with this exciting new light toy. 

Just simply point the pen towards your desired target and watch your cat chase after it with excitement and fun. Entertainment for all involved!

Batteries are included with the laser light pen in the order so you are ready to go straight away when it arrives. It will only be moments before your cat is running around your room like a maniac chasing that pesky mouse! 

Specifications and Size

The pen itself is a compact size suitable for any sized hand as seen with the measurements above. 


It is a amazing toy for cats because you can play with your cat giving him/her as well as you some exercise!
Emits a mouse shaped laser beam with great visibility. It is even visible on most surfaces including bright ones.
This cat toy will ensure hours of fun for both the cat and the owner.
LED light is harmless to eyes without hurting cats eye. Although it is highly recommended to keep out of direct contact with human and cat eyes for safety. 

LED Pointer Light Pen Funny Cat Toy With Mouse Silhouette

Light pattern: Mouse Shape.
Size:78x13mm(length * diameter).
Powered by:3 x LR927 button cell batteries(included).
Material:aluminum and plastic.
Color: Random color is selected when ordered.

Package included:

1pc x laser pointer pen. 

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!