Cat Dog Recovery Protective Collar

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Has your beloved pet injured themselves and the subsequent wound needs time to heal? This comfortable inflatable collar helps prevent your pet from infecting the wound further and getting them back to 100% again. They will be running around again in no time!

Suitable for small dogs/cats as well as larger dogs, these collars have adjust-ability to fit most family pets. 

Specifications and Sizing

The above chart can be used to determine the size of collar you need for your pet. Simply measure the circumference of your pet's neck and choose accordingly to the chart. 

Type: Dogs and cats.
Feature: Breakaway release. 
Type: Collars.
Material: Short Plush + PVC.
Anti-bite PVC Comfortable E-Collar With Zipper S-XL.

Inflatable Pet Cat Dog Recovery Wound Healing Protective Collar