Fitness Workout Gloves

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Whether it be intense weight lifting exercises or some light cardio, these durable hand-sewn gym gloves are just right for the job. As well as this they can easily be used for other sports such as cycling or even in a pinch, used during the winter months for heat! 

Coming in a range of colors and sizes ensures there is a pair for nearly everyone; just pick which is best for you and look forward to wearing them to your gym or for your favorite sporting activity. Colors available include; Orange, Blue and Pink

The thick padding on the inside of each glove helps protect your skin from unnecessary wear and tear and allows you to focus on the task... at hand. The finger less design is also great for retaining dexterity with your fingers. Having problems using your phone with gloves on? This isn't an issue with these, you can tap away to your heart's content! 

Built into the design of these gloves are vent holes. By being positioned on the outside of your hand, they provide ventilation relief whilst not compromising the durability of the glove. Breaking a sweat is always good, but these help prevent the gloves from becoming too uncomfortable! 

The wrist strap seen above provides two extra advantages than that of normal strapless gloves. The first is that it secures the glove to your hand and helps prevent it from coming loose during a strenuous exercise movement. The second is its ability to provide a little extra wrist support, almost like a brace. Let the gains begin! For Weightlifting & Bodybuilding.

Specifications & Sizing

Type: Weight Lifting Glove / Cycling / Sports
Colors: Orange, Blue and Pink
Sizes: M,L,XL (<20cm, 20-22cm, 22-24cm)

The above chart can be used to get the appropriate size glove for you depending upon the circumference of your palm/hand. Please use a measuring tape as shown in the image above to get an accurate measurement of your own hand. E.g. If your palm circumference were to measure 21cm, a large (L) size would be perfect for you.

If you do not have a measuring tape, no problem! Simply wrap a piece of string around your hand and cut it to length. Then measure the length of the string out in a line and, voila! You now have your hand circumference. 

Any queries, please don't hesitate to message us!