6 Training Agility Cones

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Most common cone for sports, fitness, speed and plyometric drills.

Perfect as field/distance markers for sports, boot camps, group fitness classes etc.

Bright orange and extremely durable in all weather conditions.

Holes on each corner to stake the cones down to keep from moving Agility cone is a simple, versatile training aid for athletic practices.

This Agility cones markers feature flat design and soft plastic material to save injuries.

Agility cone is convenient for a variety of athletic training purposes.


Constructed of high-impact PVC plastic.

Suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cones are flat on the top (no holes).

Height: Approx.

6.7 inch / 17cm

Base Dimension: Approx.

5.5 x 5.5 inch

Material: PVC

Color: Red

Package Inclueds:

6 x Agility Cone

6 PCS Multi-function Safety Agility Cone for Football Soccer Sports Field Practice Drill Marking - Red