10 X Ball Inflating Pump Needles

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Ever been in that rather annoying situation where you are about to go for a kick about with your friends but to your dismay, find your sports ball is deflated? Can't find the needle valve adapter, or even worse, your only one has broken?


Then need not worry with this large lot of 10 needles for a super price! Never having to worry about losing your one valve adapter again and instead focusing on honing your skills, whether that be in basketball, football or soccer. 

Get back on the pitch in seconds with the aid of these needle valves to inflate your sports ball back to its former glory! 


Type: Sporting Accessories
Derivative Series: Gas/air valve adapter
Quantity: 10 Pieces
For use with: Pumps and inflatable balls (Basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, rugby, gaa)

10 X Ball Inflating Pump Needles For Football Rugby Soccer GAA


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